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Student Awards 2018

We are proud to announce our 2018 Student Awards as presented at our recent party and awards night on Saturday 15th December.

Student of the Year Cuddington Juniors – Madeline Turner
Most Improved Student Cuddington Juniors – Theo Mason

Student of the Year Cuddington Seniors – Amelia Tollet
Most Improved Student Cuddington Seniors – Amber Hogg

Student of the Year Winsford – Callum Abbiss
Most Improved Student Winsford – Tracy Walkinshaw

Student of the Year Weaverham – Evert Pieterse

Indomitable Spirit Award – Paul Harman

Congratulations everyone 

Blue Dragon TKD

Black Belt Grading June 2018

It gives us immense pleasure to confirm that following a Black Belt Degree Grading Examination held today Sunday 3rd June 2018, under the direction of Mr Walkinshaw V Degree, the following promotions.

Mr Martin Jones promoted to 1st Degree Black Belt

Mr Kevin Stone promoted to 1st Degree Black Belt

Blue Dragon TKD

Black Belt Promotions December 2017

Following a senior degree testing conducted under ITF guidelines by Master Gary Bradshaw on Saturday 16th December, we are delighted to announce the promotion of the following members:

Alasdair Walkinshaw 5th Degree
Garnet Ronander 5th Degree
Mark Gatcliffe 3rd Degree

As always we’d like to thank Master Bradshaw for taking the time out of his busy schedule to conduct the promotion test. Also congratulations to the newly promoted gentlemen, pictured receiving their new belts from our vice president Miss Lyndsay Walkinshaw.

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December ’17 Grading Results

We are very happy to confirm the promotion of the following students to their next belt grade.

Daniel Gatcliffe 1st Kup
Charles Ralphson 1st Kup
Cari Stone 2nd Kup
Chris Walker 3rd Kup
Andrea Bolton 5th Kup
Madeline Turner 5th Kup
Anna Ralphson 5th Kup
Reuben Slorick 6th Kup
Jacob Baxter 6th Kup
Erik Pieterse 6th Kup
Liam Buckley 6th Kup
Evert Pieterse 7th Kup
Alistair Symmers 7th Kup
Anthony Dudley 7th Kup
Philippa Dudley 7th Kup
Lucas Duncan-Curle 7th Kup
Maile Duncan-Curle 7th Kup
Stephanie Duncan 7th Kup
Lucas de Olin Gaul 7th Kup
Jackson Bolton Walker 8th Kup
Joel Watkins 8th Kup
May Powell 8th Kup
Philip Dumbell 9th Kup
Amelia Dumbell 9th Kup
Amber Hogg 9th Kup
Ben Murphy 9th Kup
Sebastian Clare 9th Kup
Emilie Ralphson 9th Kup

Well done everyone!!!

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Winter Colour Belt Grading 2017

The final colour belt grading test of 2017 will be on Friday 15th December at Cuddington from 6.15pm onwards.

Please ensure that your fully completed application form and fee are submitted no later than Monday 11th December.

Forms will be issued by your instructor prior to this date.

Blue Dragon TKD

Christmas Party & Awards Night

It’s that time of year again when we start to think about awards and the end of another successful year.

As with previous years we are holding our annual end of year party and awards night at The Gladstone Club in Northwich. The date this year is going to be Saturday 16th December 2017 from 7.30pm onwards.

There will be a sumptuous buffet, disco, fully licensed bar and we will be presenting new belts to everyone who passes their grading the day before. We will also be awarding Student of the Year and Most Improved Student for each club.

Tickets will be on sale from the end of October and will be at the same price as previous years. £7.50 for adults, £5.00 for kids and £20 for a family ticket (2 kids & 2 adults). Please contact your instructor for tickets.

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UITF English Championships 2017

We took a small team of 8, lead by our Winsford club Instructor and team captain Miss Walkinshaw to the UITF English Championships held as usual in Derbyshire and Hosted by Heart of England Taekwon-Do and returned with an impressive haul of 15 medals.

Gold medals were won by Chris Walker, Charlie Ralphson, Anna Ralphson and Emilie Ralphson, making them all English Champions and BDTKD Hall of Fame members.

There were also silver and bronze medals won by Miss Walkinshaw, Jacob Baxter, Kevin Stone as well as our Gold medalists claiming another couple of medals each.

Overall another superb outing to a very well run competition. Congratulations to all our winners, heres looking forward to many more medals in the future.



Blue Dragon TKD

Black Belt Grading June 2017

It gives us immense pleasure to confirm that following a Black Belt Degree Grading Examination held today Sunday 11th June 2017, under the direction of Master Gary Bradshaw VII Degree, the following promotions.

Miss Lyndsay Walkinshaw promoted to 4th Degree Black Belt

Mr Mark Steward promoted to 2nd Degree Black Belt

Miss Holly Steward promoted to 2nd Degree Black Belt

Blue Dragon TKD

Spring 2017 Grading Results

On Friday 31st March a colour belt promotion test was held in accordance with Unified ITF grading criteria.

We have pleasure to announce the following candidates were successfully promoted to their next belt grade.

William Baskeyfield – 4th Kup Blue Belt
Chris Walker – 5th Kup Green Belt
Reuben Moss – 5th Kup Green Belt
Jack Roberts – 5th Kup Green belt
Sam Walker – 5th Kup Green Belt
James Addison – 6th Kup Green Belt
Zach Addison – 7th Kup Yellow Belt
Reuben Slorick – 7th Kup Yellow Belt
Anna Ralphson – 7th Kup Yellow Belt
Amelia Tollet – 7th Kup Yellow Belt
Andrea Bolton – 7th Kup Yellow Belt
Thomas Lyons – 7th Kup Yellow Belt
Liam Buckley – 8th Kup Yellow Belt
Madeline Turner – 8th Kup Yellow Belt
Alistair Symmers – 9th Kup White Belt
Sophie Spoors – 9th Kup White Belt
Daniel Spoors – 9th Kup White Belt

Blue Dragon TKD

2016 Student Awards

Each year the instructors select a number of deserving members to receive awards including the most improved student and the coveted student of the year.

For 2016 the awards were as follows:

Adult Student of the Year – Chris Walker
Junior Student of the Year – Reuben Moss
Mini Dragons Student of the Year – Matilda Addison
Adult Most Improved – George Wyatt
Junior Most Improved – Ellis Taylor-Goulden
Mini Dragons Most Improved – Sam Moore

Student of the Year – Cari Stone
Most Improved – Andrea Bolton

Congratulations to all of you.

Blue Dragon TKD