Colour Belt Grading Results

Following the Grading Exam which took place on Friday 22nd March 2013, the following people have succesfully been promoted to the next colour belt.

Promoted to 9th Kup White Belt:

Hannah Gatcliffe – A Grade Pass
Ben Morgan – A Grade Pass
Joe Morgan – A Grade Pass
Martin Higham
Michael Bailey
Charlie Ralphson
Joseph Clarke

Promoted to 8th Kup Yellow Belt:

Martin Jones – A Grade Pass
Liam Wilson
Emily Russel
Christian Howes

Promoted to 7th Kup Yellow Belt:

Becky Wilson

Promoted to 5th Kup Green Belt:

James Clarke

Promoted to 4th Kup Blue Belt:

Debbie Johanson

Promoted to 3rd Kup Blue Belt:

Mark Gatcliffe

Congratulations to all those who passed.