December ’17 Grading Results

We are very happy to confirm the promotion of the following students to their next belt grade.

Daniel Gatcliffe 1st Kup
Charles Ralphson 1st Kup
Cari Stone 2nd Kup
Chris Walker 3rd Kup
Andrea Bolton 5th Kup
Madeline Turner 5th Kup
Anna Ralphson 5th Kup
Reuben Slorick 6th Kup
Jacob Baxter 6th Kup
Erik Pieterse 6th Kup
Liam Buckley 6th Kup
Evert Pieterse 7th Kup
Alistair Symmers 7th Kup
Anthony Dudley 7th Kup
Philippa Dudley 7th Kup
Lucas Duncan-Curle 7th Kup
Maile Duncan-Curle 7th Kup
Stephanie Duncan 7th Kup
Lucas de Olin Gaul 7th Kup
Jackson Bolton Walker 8th Kup
Joel Watkins 8th Kup
May Powell 8th Kup
Philip Dumbell 9th Kup
Amelia Dumbell 9th Kup
Amber Hogg 9th Kup
Ben Murphy 9th Kup
Sebastian Clare 9th Kup
Emilie Ralphson 9th Kup

Well done everyone!!!