Dynamic Kicking Master Class


1:00 pm - 4:00 pm


MMU Birley Campus
Bonsall Street, Manchester, M15 6GX

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We are extremely excited to announce an extra special master class this year led by Mr John Swift. Mr Swift is a 6th Degree in Taekwondo, 5th Degree Kick Boxer and also managing director of Verve Martial Arts who specializes in dynamic kicking.


The seminar is in partnership with out great friends at MMU Taekwondo, headed by Mr Ross Sharman IV Degree.

The seminar will concentrate on explosive and dynamic kicking techniques. Mr Swift will be teaching the drills, techniques and training methods that produce the awesome speed, strength and power of explosive kicking!

The seminar will include plyometric training, 360’s, 540’s and split kicks, multiple combo jump kicks and more!

This is a fantastic and rare opportunity and one not to be missed!

The cost is only £12 for a fantastic master class.