Incredible Fight Night 2011

11th June saw the 2011 UKITF Figth Night hosted by BDTKD at Winsford Lifestyle Centre, and a packed house witnessed 25 full on action packed bouts featuring some of the UK’s top ITF fighters, including British and World Champions.

Presiding over events was Master Michael Wood VII Degree, who was also presenting the medals in the absence of UKITF President Master Trevor Nicholls who, despite valiant attempts, was stranded in the Czech Republic unable to get a flight back in time for the night.

The full list of fights and fight names is below with the winners highlighted in bold text. Instead of a detailed right up we think the photos can do the talking. Photos Courtesy of Mark Gatcliffe.

1 Kamil “Tiger” Sonnenfeld, MWTA Evesham V Ollie “The Rock” Waring, BDTKD
2 Alex Corbin, BDTKD V Chris “Crabman” Owen, MWTA Evesham
3 Harry “The Hulk” Lowe, BDTKD V Bradley “The Punisher” Cornfield, MWTA Evesham
4 “The Assasin” Jack Carter, BDTKD V Dan “The Hawk” Jones, MWTA Evesham
5 Daryl Owen, MWTA Evesham V Connor Rathbone, BDTKD
6 Emily Oakes, BDTKD V Leah “Mini Master” Banks, BDTKD
7 Paul “The Punchbag” Chrimes, BDTKD V Debbie “The Destroyer” Johansson, BDTKD
8 Sam “The Main Man” Owens, MWTA Evesham V Struan “Swift” MacKenzie, QMU TKD
9 Ross “Bang Bang” Buchanan, No.1 TKD Studio V Thomas “Tanker Man” Owens, MWTA Evesham
10 Adam “Assasin” Boycott, MWTA Evesham V Brad “Hardness” Holleron, QMU TKD
11 “MachoMan” Sam Carter, BDTKD V Struan “Swift” MacKenzie, QMU TKD
12 Laura “The Believer” Renshaw, BDTKD V Sasha Soloveva, MWTA Evesham
13 Chris “Red Mist” Devine, QMU TKD V Daniel “Reggie” Owens, MWTA Evesham
14 Aaron “Azza The Mighty Atom” Cobley HoE Staveley V Harry “Hitman” Hetherington, Hayes Academy
15 Jamie “The Adopted One” Martin, Richards TKD V Aaron “The Whirlwind” Mather, Harewood TKD
16 Richy “Baby Faced Assasin” Harkin, No.1 TKD Studio V Robert “The Unforgiven” Walkinshaw, BDTKD
17 Tom Rawling, Richards TKD V Geoff Bulfin, BDTKD
18 Gavin “The Low Flying Boot” Dineley, BDTKD V Matthew “Matt” Wilson, Eatstwood TKD
19 Brad “Braveheart” Robertson, QMU TKD V Sam “Captain Oosh” Richards, Richards TKD
20 Jake “Naked Bob” Thomas, Richards TKD V Adam “Boris Darling” Everett, Richards TKD
21 Beth “The Special One” Martin, Richards TKD V Jodi “Kicker” Horan, HSTS
22 Luke Dempsey, Hayes Academy V Joshua “Hazza” Harris, HoE Hucknall
23 Jake Stevens, HoE Eastwood V Sam “Captain Oosh” Richards, Richards TKD & Brad “Braveheart” Robertson, QMU TKD
24 Danny “Major Pain” Welland, Brentford TKD V Ben England, MWTA Evesham
25 Curt Stevens, HoE Eastwood V Ryan Vogwell, Ayrshire TKD