Kickathon 1.5k

Friday night saw the annual club fundraiser sponsored Kickathon event held at Cuddington Village Hall, raising funds this year to send our very own Team UK squad member, Miss Emily Oakes to the 2013 European Championships in Barcelona.

A total of 16 club members undertook the challenge this year with each performing a total of 1500 kicks to targets in timed sessions resulting in a total of 24,000 kicks landed in 90 minutes. The kicks being split into 3 technically different sets consisting of front, side and turning kicks.

Once all the sponsor money had been counted the total raised came to £1579 including several hundred pounds in corporate sponsorship raised by Miss Oakes and her family. A truly incredible achievement and job well done by all those that took part.

We are really pleased to say that the total cost of Miss Oakes’ trip to Barcelona has been covered by the funds raised meaning she is our very first 100% sponsored International Competitor.