Master Nicholls Seminar 2011

Master Nicholls Seminar 2011

Saturday 10th December saw the annual visit of UKITF President & Secretary General of the ITF Master Travor Nicholls, 8th Degree Black Belt, to conduct a Master Class Seminar at Woodford Lodge Sports Centre in Winsford.

The event saw people travel from all over the country including Mr Peter Scott making the trip early in the morning from Edinburgh, Mr Les Baker and some of his students coming over from Leicester, and a sizeable contingent accompany Mr Mike Carr from Shaftesbury, plus the usual troops from the Blue Dragon clubs. In total there were 14 Black Belts and 25 Kup Grades in attendance in the packed sports hall.

After a slight delay the class got underway focussing on the proper delivery of front, turning and twisting kicks. After what must have been several hundred of each kick, attention was turned to senior Black Belt patterns with the Black Belts performing a designated pattern from their grade. Master Nicholls then broke the pattern down and everyone joined back in to perfect some of the more technical aspects of the pattern itself. This was repeated for 3rd and 2nd Degree Black Belts. The Master Class ended with the customary group photos and a great deal of sweat.

After a short break it was time for the Blue Dragon student’s grading exam. 11 People entered for the grading ranging from white-red belt. Over the next 90 minutes each was tested on their techniques, patterns, sparring and theory, with the Grading of the Day going to Emily Oakes achieving an ‘A’ pass for a near perfect grading. Well done to everyone who passed on the day.

That brought a wonderful day to a close as far as Blue Dragon students were concerned but not for Mr Scott or Master Nicholls who were straight onto a train up to Edinburgh to do the same thing all over again the next day.

Everyone at Blue Dragon enjoyed the rare oppurtunity to train under a most inspiring and insightful instructor and would like to thank Master Nicholls for giving us this chance. We are all looking forward to the same again in 2012!!!