Charity Kickathon 2023

The entire Blue Dragon TKD family have been putting themselves through an intense kicking challenge in aid of charity aiming to complete as many kicks as possible on a target in 15 minutes. Each person completing 5 minutes each of non-stop front kicks, followed by the same for side and turning kicks.

The charity we’ve chosen to support is very close to the hearts of the Walkinshaw and Fearon families, it is the Mid-Cheshire Hospitals Charity, with all donations going to the Neo-natal Intensive Care Unit at Leighton Hospital, who saved the life of Mrs Fearon’s son Leo (Mr Walkinshaw’s grandson) when he was born.

Results from our Cuddington classes are as follows:

NameFront KickSide KickTurning Kick
Connor Fearon414420413
Al. Walkinshaw338362376
Reuben Baxter488343399
Jacob Baxter427407543
Chris Walker537408418
Pete Sumner392330404
Bobbie Sumner309324374
Geoff Bulfin389338304
Charlie Ralphson380353319
Emilie Ralphson325360370
Sally Turner420396329
Jackson Bolton-Walker495407439
Isaac Jones393333346
Elijah Jones345350297
Judy Gaylard-Rees368463405
Evie Prior288385346
Aiden Papamichos310304265
Charlie Buckley330290330
Moses Newby391336359
Alex Fernley358220250