Spring 2017 Grading Results

On Friday 31st March a colour belt promotion test was held in accordance with Unified ITF grading criteria.

We have pleasure to announce the following candidates were successfully promoted to their next belt grade.

William Baskeyfield – 4th Kup Blue Belt
Chris Walker – 5th Kup Green Belt
Reuben Moss – 5th Kup Green Belt
Jack Roberts – 5th Kup Green belt
Sam Walker – 5th Kup Green Belt
James Addison – 6th Kup Green Belt
Zach Addison – 7th Kup Yellow Belt
Reuben Slorick – 7th Kup Yellow Belt
Anna Ralphson – 7th Kup Yellow Belt
Amelia Tollet – 7th Kup Yellow Belt
Andrea Bolton – 7th Kup Yellow Belt
Thomas Lyons – 7th Kup Yellow Belt
Liam Buckley – 8th Kup Yellow Belt
Madeline Turner – 8th Kup Yellow Belt
Alistair Symmers – 9th Kup White Belt
Sophie Spoors – 9th Kup White Belt
Daniel Spoors – 9th Kup White Belt