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If this is your first time trying Taekwon-Do or a Martial Art you have come to the right place, BDTKD will help you get started quickly and easily.

Start off by registering yourself here on the site, then simply drop us a quick message or give one of the instructors a call.

Starting any new activity can be very daunting especially a martial art, despite the stereotype, psychopaths are quite uncommon. Even our instructors are relatively normal :-). Our members come in all shapes and sizes, and absolutely no experience is required to start. You don’t have to be fit, or bendy – we’ll deal with that in due course. The occassional press-up might rear it’s ugly head, but there is never any pressure to do anything you don’t want – which includes fighting. Unless you fancy it, the only thing that you ever have to hit is a big old pad, which incidently as a method of stress relief is absolutely second to none…

As with any Martial Art, Taekwon-do practise can dramatically increase your fitness, flexibility and self-confidence. Because we use our legs so much, you will burn fat off faster than you can put it on. More importantly you will meet a whole shedload of people and build new and lasting friendships.

So what’s stopping you??? Join us now and be a part of the team with Blue Dragon TaeKwon-Do. Click here to register yourself on the site.