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UITF English Championships 2017

We took a small team of 8, lead by our Winsford club Instructor and team captain Miss Walkinshaw to the UITF English Championships held as usual in Derbyshire and Hosted by Heart of England Taekwon-Do and returned with an impressive haul of 15 medals.

Gold medals were won by Chris Walker, Charlie Ralphson, Anna Ralphson and Emilie Ralphson, making them all English Champions and BDTKD Hall of Fame members.

There were also silver and bronze medals won by Miss Walkinshaw, Jacob Baxter, Kevin Stone as well as our Gold medalists claiming another couple of medals each.

Overall another superb outing to a very well run competition. Congratulations to all our winners, heres looking forward to many more medals in the future.



Black Belt Grading June 2017

It gives us immense pleasure to confirm that following a Black Belt Degree Grading Examination held today Sunday 11th June 2017, under the direction of Master Gary Bradshaw VII Degree, the following promotions.

Miss Lyndsay Walkinshaw promoted to 4th Degree Black Belt

Mr Mark Steward promoted to 2nd Degree Black Belt

Miss Holly Steward promoted to 2nd Degree Black Belt

Spring 2017 Grading Results

On Friday 31st March a colour belt promotion test was held in accordance with Unified ITF grading criteria.

We have pleasure to announce the following candidates were successfully promoted to their next belt grade.

William Baskeyfield – 4th Kup Blue Belt
Chris Walker – 5th Kup Green Belt
Reuben Moss – 5th Kup Green Belt
Jack Roberts – 5th Kup Green belt
Sam Walker – 5th Kup Green Belt
James Addison – 6th Kup Green Belt
Zach Addison – 7th Kup Yellow Belt
Reuben Slorick – 7th Kup Yellow Belt
Anna Ralphson – 7th Kup Yellow Belt
Amelia Tollet – 7th Kup Yellow Belt
Andrea Bolton – 7th Kup Yellow Belt
Thomas Lyons – 7th Kup Yellow Belt
Liam Buckley – 8th Kup Yellow Belt
Madeline Turner – 8th Kup Yellow Belt
Alistair Symmers – 9th Kup White Belt
Sophie Spoors – 9th Kup White Belt
Daniel Spoors – 9th Kup White Belt

2016 Student Awards

Each year the instructors select a number of deserving members to receive awards including the most improved student and the coveted student of the year.

For 2016 the awards were as follows:

Adult Student of the Year – Chris Walker
Junior Student of the Year – Reuben Moss
Mini Dragons Student of the Year – Matilda Addison
Adult Most Improved – George Wyatt
Junior Most Improved – Ellis Taylor-Goulden
Mini Dragons Most Improved – Sam Moore

Student of the Year – Cari Stone
Most Improved – Andrea Bolton

Congratulations to all of you.

Official Announcement

We are delighted to announce that our old friends at Shaftesbury TKD near Birkenhead have decided to join the Blue Dragon family. 

Welcome aboard Mr Carr, Mr Kelly, Mr Booth and Mr Prins, it’s a pleasure to have you with us.

Miss Walkinshaw Wins Silver

Sunday 18th September 2016 saw the return of our Winsford club instructor, Lyndsay Walkinshaw to the competition ring, for the first time in over 2 years, at the Unified ITF English Championships and for the first time competing in the Ladies Black Belt 18-35yrs category.

Lyndsay Walkinshaw UITF English SilverMiss Walkinshaw was put straight in against one of the England Team ladies who did so well at this year’s European Championships and turned in a sublime performance which was recognised by the judges awarding her the round 4:1. The category continued and eventually came the final between undoubtedly the 2 best ladies in the group.

Once again, we were treated to a performance worthy of a World Championships with a virtually flawless, skillful and powerful display from both ladies, there was literally nothing between them, although a couple of the judges did seem to miss the glaring mistake that should have awarded our girl the Gold! (we have the video evidence lol) Anyway, after a tense few moments the 5 judges gave their decision 3:2 in favour of the much elder and more experienced competitor from Liverpool.

We are all delighted that Miss Walkinshaw is back to competing after so long out following her knee surgery and to claim such a well deserved Silver medal in her first National Championships as an adult is testament to the countless hours of practice and dedication she puts in, both at the club and at home.


Grading Results Sept 16

Congratulations to everyone who took their grading tonight, a fantastic performance from everyone. Results as follows:

Anna Ralphson, Thomas Lyons, Andrea Bolton, Amelia Tollet – promoted to 9th kup
Zach Addison, Reuben Sloric – promoted to 8th kup
James Addison, Reuben Moss, Jack Roberts, Chris Walker – promoted to 7th kup
Cari Stone, Tristan Waddon – promoted to 5th kup
Charlie Ralphson, Daniel Gatcliffe, Kevin Stone – promoted to 3rd kup

100% pass rate 🙂

Kickathon Results 2016

During the past week we undertook our annual Kickathon across the classes at Winsford and Cuddington. The Kickathon consists of each participant speed kicking a target for a set time period (5 minute for over 12 and 1 minute for under 12s). There are 3 different sets of kicks consisting of front, side and turning kicks with each person doing a set of each kick for their assigned time period. So for adults 5 minutes of front kicks followed by 5 minutes of side kicks and then 5 minutes of turning kicks.

Here are the results we have in so far:

Over 12s and Adults (5 minutes per set, 15 minutes total)
Andrea Walker – total 1172
Chris Walker – total 1456
Kevin Stone – total 1409
Cari Stone – total 982 (under 12)
Thomas Lyons – total 1116 (under 12)
Mark Steward – 529 Front Kicks, 492 Side Kicks, 429 Turning Kicks – total 1450
Holly Steward – 425 Front Kicks, 501 Side Kicks, 499 Turning Kicks – total 1425
Amelia Tollet – 484 Front Kicks, 428 Side Kicks, 473 Turning Kicks – total 1385
Connor Bettley – 517 Front Kicks, 490 Side Kicks, 526 Turning Kicks – total 1533
Daniel Gatcliffe – 368 Front Kicks, 416 Side Kicks, 443 Turning Kicks – total 1227
Izzy Walsh – 458 Front Kicks, 439 Side Kicks, 437 Turning Kicks – total 1334
Joe Morgan – 470 Front Kicks, 485 Side Kicks, 464 Turning Kicks – total 1419
Geoff Bulfin – 370 Front Kicks, 378 Side Kicks, 366 Turning Kicks – total 1114
Alasdair Walkinshaw – 477 Front Kicks, 471 Side Kicks, 454 Turning Kicks – total 1402

Under 12s (1 minute per set, 3 minutes total)
Reuben Slorick – 238 total
Anna Ralphson – 175 total
Toby Boot – 269 total
Thomas Burn – 171 total
Henry Hill – 227 total
Lucas de Olim Gaul – 213 total
William Baskeyfield – 219 total
Tristan Waddon – 209 total
Charlie Ralphson – 197 total
Sam Moore – 194 total
James Addison – 251 total
Zach Addison – 229 total
Matilda Addison – 208 total
William Fryer – 233 total
Thomas Fryer – 200 total
Sam Walker – 241 total
Reuben Moss – 258 total
Jack Roberts – 204 total
Jackson Boulton-Walker 198 total
Natasha Chennell – 179 total
Ellis Taylor-Goulden – 211 total

Superb effort from everyone!

Colour Belt Grading Results

We have pleasure in announcing the successful promotion of the following members to their next belt grade, after successfully completing their grading assessment on Friday 29th April 2016.

Toby Boot promoted to 5th Kup
Cari Stone promoted to 6th Kup
Tristan Waddon promoted to 6th Kup
William Baskeyfield promoted to 6th Kup
Samuel Walker promoted to 7th Kup
Chris Walker promoted to 8th Kup
Reuben Moss promoted to 8th Kup
James Addison promoted to 8th Kup
Jack Roberts promoted to 8th Kup
George Wyatt promoted to 9th Kup
Lucas de Olim Gaul promoted to 9th Kup
Reuben Slorick promoted to 9th Kup
Thomas Burn promoted to 9th Kup

Congratulations to everyone who passed, your student accounts will be upgraded in the coming days to your new levels.

Happy New Year

The instructors and officers would like to wish all our members, friends and family a very happy and prosperous new year and all the very best for 2016.